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Sterling 1 row Infinity Glass

Opener Repair

Long Stamped Carriage Driftwood with Arched Madison

Seamless Solutions

Malfunctioning garage door openers can be frustrating, let us help! At Bradley Overhead Doors, we offer repairs on your garage door openers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call our office and one of our experienced technicians will come to you.


Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Why won’t my garage door close?
There could be several reasons why your door won’t close including an issue with your sensor eyes. They might need adjusted, serviced or replaced. Call Bradley Overhead Door for same day service.

Why won’t my garage door remotes and/or Keyless entry not working?
Your remotes and/or keyless entry stopped working could be because of a few factors. Could be as simple as needing to replace batteries or reprogram the remote/keyless entry. Call Bradley Overhead Door and we can walk you though how to do this. If that doesn’t work we are happy to come take a look at it for you.

Contact us today for additional assistance!