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Get the Info You Need, When You Need It

We know how busy your schedule can get, sometimes you just don't feel like making a phone call and asking a few questions. Which is exactly why this page exists. Below, you'll find answers to a handful of questions that we hear a lot. If, for any reason, you need more info, get in touch with the experts at Bradley Overhead Door right away.

Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

All Overhead Door steel garage doors can be painted with the color of your choice by using LATEX paint. Before painting check with your door company to avoid any issues with warranties.

Depending on the damage involved to the garage door system, it is possible in many cases to replace a section of your garage door. Bradley Door can evaluate your situation and give you a recommendation on the best course of action with FREE estimates.

The price of your new garage door is influenced by a wide range of factors, including design, material, windows, insulation, and size etc. Contact Bradley Overhead Door for FREE estimates to ensure the best choice for your specific needs.

There could be several reasons why your door won’t close, including an issue with your sensor eyes. They might need to be adjusted, serviced, or replaced. Call Bradley Overhead Door for same-day service.

Your garage door could have a mind of its own for several reasons. A few might be a short in the circuit board, wall button, or wall button wiring. Call Bradley Overhead Door so that we can get your door serviced ASAP. An open door at night could be unsafe!

Your remotes and / or keyless entry stopped working because of a few factors. Could be as simple as needing to replace batteries or reprogram the remote / keyless entry. Call Bradley Overhead Door and we can walk you through how to do this. If that doesn’t work we are happy to come take a look at it for you.

NO, you do not have to rearrange your schedule if your door decides to stop working. You can leave a side door open for us, hide-a-key or call to meet. Life can be very busy and we want to get your door working for you as fast as we can so that you can go on with your day.

You might have a broken spring which makes the door extremely heavy when trying to open manually. In this case, we do not recommend fixing a broken spring on your own due to the high danger risk. Call us to get your door fixed so that you can get your vehicle in and out again!

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