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Fire Door Drop Tests

Ensuring Fire Safety

At Bradley Overhead Door, we recognize how important fire safety is. We offer fire door drop tests that ensure your fire door is prepared and functioning properly in case of emergency. We conduct our fire door drop tests with local and national fire safety codes in mind. With our services, you can have peace of mind that your fire doors are in safe hands.

What is a fire door drop test?
A fire door drop test is a procedure conducted to assess functionality and effectiveness of fire doors in a building during a fire emergency. Fire doors are designed to contain the spread of fire, smoke, and heat. This allows the occupants inside to safely evacuate while limiting property damage. The law requires that a professional tests fire doors annually to ensure that they are meeting all fire and safety standards.

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How is a fire door drop test conducted?

There are three main steps that your inspector will take to complete the test:
Step 1:
technician will check if the door closes properly, in the correct amount of time and speed range
Step 2:
technician will check if there are any issues with the door such as gaps or alignment
Step 3:
technician will verify that the automatic closing devices reset once the door is closed

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